Welcome to Any Alterations Baldock! Any Alterations is a small local clothing alterations studio, located right in the heart of Baldock. Pop in and say hi or take a look at our other studio in Biggleswade


We are located just 2 minutes walk from Baldock train station, right in the town center. There’s plenty of free parking around our studio.

13 Whitehorse Street
SG7 6QB (click postcode for direction)


By appointment only

Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm

Sat: 9am – 1pm

Sunday: closed


Moblie & Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7521 425784


Facebook: @AnyAlterations

The magic of great alteration is that its effect is invisible – people will always pay a compliment to someone who looks incredible in their clothes, but they aren’t always aware of why they look so great, or the work was done to achieve that effortless, perfect fit. 

Everything can be altered. 

Some of the most simple requests that come in at our studio include tapering pencil skirts, shortening suits jacket sleeves and altering trouser hems but we can make anything look better, even your boots. Over the-knee boots that don’t fit at the ankle, or that hang around parts of the leg, they can be tailored to fit your legs.

Garment re-builds are not uncommon. Pattern cutting is part of our job. Adding sleeves is hugely popular. 

Wedding dress alterations excite us the most due to its beauty and complexity. Shortening wedding dress hem, taking up shoulders, adding corset back and adding bustles points are our daily work from April to October. 

Many people don’t know, or just forget that sizes off the rack are vague. Any annoyance that you may feel about not being a perfect size when you go shopping is just an easy fix away.


Kim is a professional seamstress you can trust with her experience. Specifically, Kim was trained as a fashion designer. Kim’s firm understanding of fit and shape has led her to open her own alterations studio.

There are plenty of street parking right outside of our studio either on Whitehorse street or Sun street.

Yes, you do need to make an appointment. Please call Kim to book in advance.

WhatsApp, email or Facebook

Moblie & Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7521 425784


Facebook: @AnyAlterations

We have a guide price list for some of the straight forward alterations. Prices listed above are approximate. Accurate pricing will be given at fitting. Every garment is different, every manufacturer is different, and most importantly, it depends on what we are doing to the garments.

Any Alterations Baldock
Any Alterations Baldock Wedding Dress Alterations
Any Alterations Baldock Bridal Alterations
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