Guide Price

Trousers alterations

Re hem£10.00
Shorten machine hem£15.00
Shorten invisible hem£22.00
Lengthen with tape£22.00
Taper legs£20.00
Take in/ let out waist£22.00

Jeans alterations

Re hem£10.00
Shorten machine hem£15.00
Shorten original hem£22.00
Taper legs£20.00
Take in waist£35.00

Casual dress alterations

Shorten 1st layer£15.00
Shorten 2nd layer£10.00
Take in/ let out waist£20.00
Shorten straps£15.00

Evening dress alterations

Shorten 1st layer£28.00
Shorten 2nd layer£18.00
Take in/ let out waist£35.00
Shorten straps£20.00
Change zip (plus cost of zip)£35.00

Suit jacket & coat alterations

Shorten sleeves (without vents)£35.00
Shorten sleeves (with vents and buttons)£45.00
Shorten length£45.00
Resew button£5.00
Take in/ let out£45.00

Zip replace/ repair*

Invisible zippers £20
*Plus cost of zip£2.50

Other alterations/ repair

Make buttonhole£5.00
Replace velcro£5.00
Sew on embroidered patch£5.00
Patch rip/ tear£12.00
Boots alterations£40.00

Curtain alterations

ShortenPer metre
Blackout curtains - no lining£11.00
Lined curtains£16.00

For wedding dress alterations, please contact us for a quote.

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All prices listed above are approximate. Accurate pricing will be given at fitting. We like a challenge and won’t turn down a request that is doable. We’ve repaired untypical items like boots, hats and even shortened children’s football socks… If you have a special request or an idea of customization for your project, please give us a call to discuss. We do any alterations for you.

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